Pura Vida

Well at some point a trip has to end but will never be forgotten. The last day spent in Costa Rica was such a bittersweet moment. We were so excited we got to experience many great things in this beautiful country of Costa Rica and sad that our vacation would soon be over. But we made the best of it & woke up early to enjoy a small yoga session with nature surrounding us, had breakfast at the local Soda (which is a type of restaurant where the locals eat), & just got to explore the small city a little more before leaving. If I had to express the amazingness of our trip to Costa Rica I don’t know how a human would be able to express it by just saying it was beautiful because it was more than beautiful. This picture can express it a little better than words will ever do. The sunset and the lonely surfer was one of my favorite moments I was able to capture. It captures such an intense sunset and the endless ocean. Such an emotional connection that tells you a story about how limitless the ocean is. Stop and look around you this world is full of life, don’t stress, just enjoy. And with that I say goodbye to Costa Rica but will be back soon.

Pura Vida my friends.

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