Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays fellow friends from whatever part of the world you are celebrating. Hope your holidays are filled with laughter and joy. This is the time to eat/indulge in all of the yummy food, follow-up with family and friends that you would love to see more often, and just absorb all of the happiness that you are surrounded by. The Enchanted Forrest aka LA Zoo is ready to light up your world because that is exactly what the LA Zoo Lights did, too lit. It is a fun place for you to enjoy a few Holiday lights and get into the Holiday spirit.

I will also like to share a little of what I did with my preschool class.


We celebrated different Holidays in our classroom. I know there are more Holidays that are being celebrated but I did as much as I could to keep the children open-minded and happy. Along with my co teacher we were able to conduct a few games that are played in each culture for example we had a game of Oware for Kwanzaa, painted with dreidels to celebrate Hanukkah, made ginger bread houses for Christmas, and were hitting a piñata for las Posadas . It was such an exciting and challenging area because some parents are very critical about what is being taught in the classroom but hey I’m a rebel and it’s my classroom (not very sorry about that). With the world looking a little scary we are all one heart and one love (I feel like that is from a Bob Marley song if so I should be writing songs instead) but I want to keep these children open minded about all of the different cultures that are surrounding them. It is a beautiful world if you just open your eyes and embrace all differences.

Happy Holidays from Travel Purely!

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