Hello beautiful humans! The author of Travel Purely is I, Anahy. I am a small town girl with different country dreams. In 2014 I took a short term study abroad trip to New Zealand and Fiji which opened my eyes to what this beauty of a world has to offer. Coming back from this trip few people around me seemed as passionate as I was about the different countries  and cultures I had experienced so I decided to make a blog for myself and others who are as passionate. I have always been interested in traveling so I will love to immerse myself in this love for countries and cultures, that being said this blog will consist of just that (pretty much my travel diary). But it won’t just be that, I want to inspire humans. Traveling isn’t just going places and coming back, it’s about immersing yourself in that place even if it’s just at home, it’s enjoying where you are at that very moment. Coming back from different countries I feel content, it is the most rewarding experience. Some people don’t experience this feeling because of their fear or not enough time, let me tell you there is a lot of time!

Learn about yourself through your travels & what you are capable of.

Enjoy this moment!