San Jose, Costa Rica

Everything about San Jose was so humbling. IMG_6206.jpgThe bus ride of course was amazing but it was also nice to finally get off and a little surprised that it really took us to the spot we wanted to arrive at. As soon as we stepped into this beautiful city it was a great culture shock. Such a busy city maybe even a little overwhelming but the experience to be around so much culture and especially food was like no other. We got some Churros smothered in chocolate and some fruit smoothies….it was yummy. The church was beautiful and full of life & color and also got to experience being surrounded by birds in La Plaza de Cultura which felt like we were in a movie ready to feed the pigeons.

IMG_6231 (1).jpg

The streets were busy like no other. We were in La Central de San Jose so maybe we should have expected it to be busy. We were also thinking it was a little busier than other days because that following weekend was going to be Valentines day and we heard from our taxi driver the day prior that Costa Rica is really big on celebrating the day of love. We went into the Central Market and there were so many lovely homemade bags and jewelry I wanted to take it all. Everything was so colorful it was almost as if you were walking through a rainbow filled with food. Latly just wante to mention that you should always support local business because little penny  helps out individuals and families throughout Costa Rica and the world.

“Don’t forget to always support local businesses.” 

IMG_6234 (1).jpg


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