Exploring in bus

Our next stop was the beautiful capital of Costa Rica … San Jose. First I have to explain how excited we were about driving in the bus. The bus system can get a little confusing in Costa Rica we kind of missed a few busses and almost got on the wrong bus but with a little help of locals it was easy peasy. Walking up the black steps of this large motor vehicle filled with passengers gave me this humbling thrill. It was wonderful driving around a different country & watching the locals who are experts at traveling around in bus just walk in and give their change. Yes something you can see in Los Angeles but something about being in a 3rd world country and all the smiling faces going into the bus just made me excited about being in that bus heading towards San Jose. It felt as though we had lived in Costa Rica our whole lives and just driving around the bus to stop for some groceries; maybe a little too extreme but it went something like that.

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