Manuel Antonio National Park

On this day we would have been going to a different part of Costa Rica but time told us other wise but what can I say I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this rich National Park. Such a luscious rainforest, a vast variety of wild life, and a great work out. Manuel Antonio is considered one of the most biodiverse parks on the planet. It was such a hot & humid day but the surroundings of our hike were well worth loosing about 50 pounds. The park also contained a great system of well-marked trails to allow visitors to explore safely. We got to see sloths, insects, & of course Howler & White Faced Monkeeeeeys!! (Yes I got that excited). It was such a thrill to see the White Faced monkey just hanging out in their natural habitat rather than seeing them caged in but please if you have food hide it because they are hungry little fellas ready to snatch your gourmet sandwich away (My own eyes saw this happen). If you plan on visiting this National Park which I recommend, take into consideration that the park is opened Tuesday through Sunday. Our plans went a little hay wire because of that but it was well worth every minute.

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