Manuel Antonio

After exploring what Monteverde had to offer we rode to Manuel Antonio the very next day. It was such a beautiful ride, we were able to meet such wonderful people. A newly wed couple who came from Britain and a man who was traveling solo & meeting his family at the end of his trip in a different part of Costa Rica which was nice to hear their stories.

We made a quick pit stop to see alligators in the river under a narrow bridge & witnessed an intense car accident involving a big rig which was pretty scary but the roads are scary as well. I also forgot to mention that on this day, February 7 it was my birthday. Upon arriving to the place we would be staying at for the next 2 days my boyfriend had previously talked to the owner and they left a small poster saying “Feliz Cumpleaños Anahy” & 2 piña coladas which where finished in no time but it was such an unexpected thoughtful gesture.

Well as soon as we got to Manuel Antonio we wanted to explore where home would be for the next 2 days (or so we planned on staying there for only 2 days.) It was such a beautiful atmosphere and Playa Espadilla did not let us down.

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