Costa Rica

Oh Costa Rica!

February 6 was the first day stepping into what I call paradise. Arriving to Costa Rica after the airport felt unreal. It was my boyfriend & I on this trip, two humans without a clue what this trip would be consisting of… well we knew some hiking of course.

Upon arrival we did not see our chauffeur so we asked a random local if they can call the hostel we would be staying at but as soon as I was getting ready to dial I saw my boyfriends name in a bright green paper. Seeing our chauffeur who would be taking us on our first stop to Monteverde felt very exciting. One of my flaws is I trust people too much so on the trip I felt pretty safe my boyfriend on the other hand was very skeptical; from the chauffeur talking about how he lived in Tijuana, to almost getting in a car accident, to stopping on a random little soda (what Costa Ricans call their restaurants) he didn’t feel like he could trust him. At the end we got to Monteverde safe & sound. We also got a ride full of lovely scenery and plenty of stories from a local.

This picture clearly represents our first day in Costa Rica… travel, quick, and green.

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